The Literature

The Publications

Kerdalo :
“Un jardin d’Exception”

by Peter Wolkonsky

Edition La Maison Rustique


Kerdalo :
“Le Jardin Continu”

by Erik Orsenna

Edition Ulmer


A Green Thumb

You won’t be able to say you don’t have a green thumb any longer, once you’ve heard the suggestions of our gardener, Alain Baraton! Gardening tips, but also good books, as he presents a work dedicated to Nature or gardening. This show is made in partnership with the WWF.

Quiet, it’s growing!

A total immersion in the world of gardening in which the little secrets of the pros are revealed, always in a concrete and original manner, with humour and poetry, for beginners as well as experienced gardeners, who come to learn how to select, care for, and pamper their plants.

The 1 pm news

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has chosen to focus on a portrait of France’s regions for the 1 pm news on TF1.


“Point de vue”September 2021FranceRead
“Garten Praxis”April 2014Germany
“Les Jardins d’Eden”Summer 2013France
“Francial Times Week end”September 11, 2010USA
“L’art des jardins”Summer 2010France
“Gardens Illustrated”May 2010USA
“Rosanova Rivista di Arte e Storia del Giardino”2008Italy
“The New York Times”June 17, 2001USA