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Kerdalo un jardin d’exception

by Peter Wolkonsky

Edition La Maison Rustique

Kerdalo le jardin continu

by Erik Orsenna

Edition Ulmer

La main verte

You will no longer be able to say that you don’t have a green thumb with the good advice provided by the gardener Alain Baraton!

Silence, ça pousse !

A complete immersion in the world of gardening that reveals, always in a concrete and original way, the little secrets of the pros, with humor and poetry, so that beginners and experienced enthusiasts can learn how to select, care for, and nurture their plants.

Le Journal de 13h

Jean-Pierre Pernaut presents “Les Jardins de Kerdalo” in the 1 PM news on TF1 as part of a feature on France “region by region.”

Jardins d’ici et d’ailleurs

Facing the small port of Tréguier, in the Côtes d’Armor region, Les Jardins de Kerdalo lokk like an English garden. Peter Wolkonski spent thirty years designing it.”


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