Le Grand Etang

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

1/7 The Grand Pond

Le Canal

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

2/7 The Canal

La Lande Dorée

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

3/7 The Golden Heath

Les Quatre Carrés

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

4/7 The Four Plots

Les Terrasses

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

5/7 The Terraces

La Vallée du Bas

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

6/7 The Lower Valley

La Grotte Italienne

Les Jardins de Kerdalo

7/7 The Italian Grotto

The Story

As a child, Prince Peter Wolkonsky discovered a passion for plants while sneaking into the kitchen garden of the czar, who lived in the palace next door….

The Gardens

Succession of rooms, Kerdalo is a fragile and magical world, nestled, closed, secret, at the crossroads of a botanical universe and a romantic universe.

The Testimonies

Born from the passion and inspiration of one man, Kerdalo has never ceased to amaze and inspire its visitors, some of whom have dedicated a few words to him.

Our Recommandations

Of an Italian-English inspiration, Kerdalo is also a Breton garden which is part of a territory rich in addresses to discover, both to escape, to rest, to eat or to discover rare plants.

The Rareties

For more than four decades, Prince Peter Wolkonsky has collected in Kerdalo one of the richest and most harmonious botanical collections, including some rare species of which are only found in a few copies around the world.